Fresenius Seamless
Care of Central Alabama

an ESRD Seamless Care Organization

Fresenius Seamless Care of Central Alabama, LLC

Certain dialysis facilities in Central Alabama have chosen to participate in Fresenius Seamless Care of Central Alabama, an ESRD Seamless Care Organization (ESCO) in the Medicare Comprehensive ESRD Care model. See below for a listing of ESCO dialysis facilities in Central Alabama.

We’re Working to Improve Your Care

The goal of an ESCO is for dialysis facilities, nephrologists, and other health care providers to communicate and work together closely, so they can deliver high-quality care that meets the patient’s individual needs and preferences. ESCOs may be rewarded for providing their patients with higher quality, more coordinated care.

You Can Still Choose Any
Dialysis Facility, Doctor or Hospital

An ESCO Patient’s Medicare benefits do not change. An ESCO is not a Medicare Advantage plan, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, or an insurance plan of any kind.

ESCO Patients still have the right to use any dialysis facility, provider or hospital that accepts Medicare, at any time. A doctor may continue to recommend that an ESCO Patient see particular doctors or providers for their specific health needs, but it is always the patient’s choice about which provider they use or dialysis facility or hospital they visit.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, you can:

  • Call us at 1-844-209-9093, or bring it up next time you are in your provider’s office.
  • You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) and tell the representative you are calling about ESCOs.
  • TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

ESCO Leadership Team and Participants

Primary Contact

Eric Maaske

Fresenius Health Partners

Clinical Leadership Contact

Terry Ketchersid, MD

Integrated Care Group,
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Greg Garza

Integrated Care Group,
Fresenius Health Partners

Health Services

Scott Dickison

Integrated Care Group

Maria Radonova

Integrated Care Group,
Fresenius Health Partners



Bio-Medical Applications Of Alabama, Inc.

Fresenius Medical Care Birmingham Home, LLC

Fresenius Medical Care McCalla, LLC

Fresenius Medical Care West Madison LLC

Fresenius Medical Care Huntsville Home LLC

Fresenius Medical Care Trussville LLC

FMS Endeavour Dialysis Center LLC

Fresenius Medical Care Albertville LLC

Fresenius Vascular Care Montgomery, LLLP

  • Eugene Essandoh

Huntsville Renal Clinic PC

  • Heather Haley
  • James Smelser
  • Larry Walker
  • Lori Foster
  • Saad Rahman

Nephrology Associates, P.C.

  • Agata Przekwas
  • Amanda Adams
  • Benjamin Broome
  • Chloe Blankenhorn
  • David Tharpe
  • Dawn Coston
  • Harold Giles
  • James Harms
  • James Lewis
  • Jeffrey Glaze
  • John Brouillette
  • Karen Cardwell
  • Kathy Reeves
  • Kellyn Mcmahon
  • Lorie Givens
  • Michael Hovater
  • Phillip Madonia
  • Rain Ruggerio
  • Roman Brantley
  • Teresa Rice
  • Theodore Feely
  • Thomas Ozbirn
  • Thomas Watson
  • Timothy Williams
  • William Lyndon

Nephrology Consultants LLC

  • Carlo Castillo
  • David Bains
  • David Tietjen
  • John H Clark
  • Michael Quadrini
  • Roger Coomer
  • Todd Broome

Nna Of Alabama, Inc.

Renal Associates of Montgomery, PC

  • Gerald Jones
  • Kim McGlothan
  • Melanie Halvorson
  • Robert Hoit
  • Rodney Smith
  • Sumeet Munjal


Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.
Fresenius Seamless Care
PO Box 162970
Austin, TX 78716-2970

Joint Ventures

Fresenius Medical Care Birmingham Home, LLC
Fresenius Medical Care West Madison, LLC
Fresenius Medical Care Huntsville, LLC
Fresenisu Medical Care Trussville, LLC

For more information about joint ventures, call 844‑209‑9093.

Governing Body

Huntsville Renal Clinic, James Smelser, MD
Nephrology Associates P.C., William Lyndon, MD
Nephrology Associates P.C., Jeff Glaze, MD
Nephrology Consultants, Roger Coomer, MD
Renal Associates of Montgomery, Rodney Smith, MD
Fresenius Kidney Care, Rose Wynn
Fresenius Health Partners, Michelle Trent
Independent Consumer Advocate, Charlotte Anthony

Quality Performance

Performance Year 2017 will be reported in winter 2018.

Financial Performance

Performance Year 2017 will be reported in winter 2018.