Fresenius Seamless
Care of Central Illinois

an ESRD Seamless Care Organization

Fresenius Seamless Care of Central Illinois, LLC

Certain dialysis facilities in Central Illinois have chosen to participate in Fresenius Seamless Care of Central Illinois, an ESRD Seamless Care Organization (ESCO) in the Medicare Comprehensive ESRD Care model. See below for a listing of ESCO dialysis facilities in Central Illinois.

We’re Working to Improve Your Care

The goal of an ESCO is for dialysis facilities, nephrologists, and other health care providers to communicate and work together closely, so they can deliver high-quality care that meets the patient’s individual needs and preferences. ESCOs may be rewarded for providing their patients with higher quality, more coordinated care.

You Can Still Choose Any
Dialysis Facility, Doctor or Hospital

An ESCO Patient's Medicare benefits do not change. An ESCO is not a Medicare Advantage plan, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, or an insurance plan of any kind.

ESCO Patients still have the right to use any dialysis facility, provider or hospital that accepts Medicare, at any time. A doctor may continue to recommend that an ESCO Patient see particular doctors or providers for their specific health needs, but it is always the patient's choice about which provider they use or dialysis facility or hospital they visit.


Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, you can:

  • E-mail us at, call us at 1-844-209-9093, or bring it up next time you are in your provider’s office.
  • You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) and tell the representative you are calling about ESCOs.
  • TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

ESCO Leadership Team and Participants

Primary Contact

Maritza Izquierdo

Fresenius Health Partners

Clinical Leadership Contact

Terry Ketchersid, MD

Integrated Care Group,
Fresenius Medical Care North America

Andrew Aronson, MD FACEP

Fresenius Health Partners
Health Services

Scott Dickison

Integrated Care Group

Maria Radonova

Integrated Care Group,
Fresenius Health Partners


Participants Owner

Fresenius Medical Care Koke Mill, LLC

Dialysis Centers Of America - Illinois, Inc.

Fresenius Medical Care Galesburg, LLC

Fresenius Medical Care Of Illinois, LLC

Bio-Medical Applications of Missouri Inc.

Renex Dialysis Clinic of University City Inc.

Renex Dialysis Clinic Of Creve Coeur, Inc.

Saint Louis Renal Care, LLC

Nra-St. Louis (home Therapy Center), Missouri, LLC

RAi Care Centers Of Illinois II, LLC

Metro Dialysis Center - North, Inc.

Metro Dialysis Center - Normandy, Inc.

St. Louis Regional Dialysis Center, Inc.

St Louis Kidney Care

  • Hood Annette
  • Mayer Nicholas
  • Nazzal Maisa
  • Donovan Polack

Midwest Nephrology Associates

  • Dan Young
  • Furqan Raja
  • Gary Singer
  • Ramez Sunna
  • Caitlin Petry

Nephrology and Hypertension Specialists, LLC

  • Alejandro Alvarez
  • Alexis Argoudelia
  • Christian Nwankwo
  • Danijela Mataic
  • Heidi Joist
  • John Mellas
  • Juan Garcia
  • Kabeya Mwintshi
  • Lissa Lopez Concagh
  • Mohammed Ali Abbas
  • Nicholas Gourtzelis

Renalcare Associates

  • Alexander Alonso
  • Amanda Matthews
  • Amit Jamnadas
  • Anthony Horinek
  • David Houser
  • David Rosborough
  • Gordon James
  • Holly Walker
  • Jill Peterson
  • Judith Dansizen
  • Kumarpal Shrishrimal
  • Manish Gupta
  • Muhammad Khattak
  • Parthasarathy Srinivasan
  • Raji Jacob
  • Robert Bruha
  • Robert Sparrow
  • Samer Sader
  • Sarah Adams
  • Sudha Cherukuri
  • Syed Imam
  • Timothy O'Connor
  • Timothy Pflederer
  • Tonya McDougall
  • Tonya Moore
  • Usman Khan
  • DeNae Smith
  • Christopher Johnson

Sangeeta Pande LLC

  • Sangeeta Pande

Springfield Nephrology Associates, Inc.

  • Stephen Garcia
  • Ethan Hoerschgen
  • Susan Woody
  • David Sommerfeld
  • Giselle Kohler
  • Michelle Homesley
  • Casey Westerman
  • Jordan Buckley
  • Megan Miller

Renal Care Group Of The Ozarks, LLC



Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.
Fresenius Seamless Care
PO Box 162970
Austin, TX 78716-2970

Joint Ventures

Fresenius Medical Care Koke Mill, LLC
Fresenius Medical Care Galesburg, LLC

For more information about joint ventures, call 844‑209‑9093.

Governing Body

RenalCare Associates S.C., Timothy Pflederer, MD
Fresenius Kidney Care, Scott Timmermann
Fresenius Health Partners, Maritza Izquierdo
Independent Consumer Advocate, Jack Desatnick
Nephrology & Hypertension Specialists, LLC, John Mellas, MD